Welcome to our Zombie site. It was created just for fun, for our own reference and unofficial reviews. The movie list indicates my own personal collection. Sort of an online checklist and "hit-list" in an attempt to organize my collection and hopefully be a reference of additional zombie movies to you as a visitor. All movies are in their original DVD format, meaning: no copies, downloads or media files (mpg, avi, etc). Only those which are not available commercially on DVD have been converted from VHS and have custom cover art work. Enjoy!

There is much debate amongst Zombie afficionados about what is a "Zombie movie" and what is not. Since this horror genre is increasing in popularity and taking many forms and deviations, one would argue that George A. Romero's zombies are the purest form of zombie'ism. I have taken it upon myself to create these comprehensive Zombie sub-genres in order to clear things up a bit:


Classic - Original voodoo zombies. Trance, non flesh-eating, walking dead, satanic, automaton.

GAR - Dead, rotting, flesh-eating, infecting victims them into zombies.

GAR = slow, shamblers

non-GAR = fast, sprinters

Infected - Rage, alive, homicidal/suicidal.

Mutant - Animal contamination, chemical, transformation.


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